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By not having sex, the immunity of the body decreases, the skin looks

Whether you accept this or not, but it is true that establishing a physical relationship is the need of the body. Being sexually active makes you healthy and fit, but when you have sex two or three times a month, it can be harmful to your own health. Know, what negative (side effects of not having sex in hindi) can have on the body by not having sex …

Side effects of not having sex: Healthy diet, healthy lifestyle, daily exercise and yoga practice are some of the things that are very important to keep you healthy for a long life. But, there is one more job that keeps you physically and mentally healthy and fit. We are talking about including sex in daily life. Often some people are so busy with their office work that they do not even get time to spend two hours comfortably with their spouse. Just as it is important to have love, attachment, self-confidence between each other, in the same way sex is also necessary to make your life successful and healthy.

Whether you accept it or not, it is true that physical relationship is the need of our body. Being sexually active makes you healthy and fit, but when you have sex two or three times a month, it can be harmful to your own health. Many major changes can be seen in the body due to not having sex or very little. Know, what negative (side effects of not having sex in hindi) can have on the body by not having sex …

1 tension rises

If you have sex only once a week or three to five times a month, it can put your body under stress. Not having sex will also have a negative effect on your partner. If you do not want to have a physical relationship, but even if your partner's desire is not fulfilled, then anxiety, tension can build up inside them too. There may be a thought in their mind that some third person is the reason for this distance. Due to this, problems like mood swings, irritability, sleeplessness, loss of appetite can start.

2 The immunity of the body decreases

The immune system of the body works to protect you from many serious diseases. When you do not establish sexual intercourse or sexual relations with your partner, then your immunity also starts weakening (Not having sex weakens immunity). This makes you fall ill easily. Having sex increases the chemical immunoglobin in the body. It is a chemical that helps the body fight against serious diseases in a better way.

3 Hesitating to himself

When you have sex, you feel relaxed and happy. You start loving yourself too. Dopamine is released in the body when a physical relationship is established. This hormone is known to increase happiness i.e. it is a happy hormone. When you are happy, there is a confidence boost. On the other hand, when you do not have sex for months, stay away from your partner, then the body remains depressed. Blood circulation is reduced (side effects of not having sex in hindi). You start doubting yourself whether you will be able to do a task or not.

4 Skin looks lifeless and dull

The positive effect of sex is most visible on the skin. Sex improves skin glow by having sex. The skin glows due to the increase in the level of dopamine hormone. At the same time, when there is a lack of sex in daily life, then the skin starts looking lifeless, dull and withered.

5 May increase blood pressure

A 2006 study in the medical journal Biological Psychology found that people who regularly had sex had lower blood pressure levels than those who had little sex. So if you do not want your blood pressure level to be high, then definitely have sex.

6 May increase interest in others

If you do not keep your partner for sex again and again, then the distance between you may increase. Especially, when a woman repeatedly forbids her spouse to have sex, (sex na karne ke nuksaan) there are some men who start taking interest in making new friends. The reason for this is the increase in the frustration level due to not having sex for a long time. Some couples even start thinking about one night stand in this situation. The disadvantages of not having sex are seen more in long distance relationships.

7 The risk of prostate cancer

A research has revealed that people who ejaculate more than 20 times in a month are significantly less likely to get prostate cancer. On the other hand, those who ejaculated only four to seven times in a month were found to be more likely to develop prostate cancer.

8 Vaginal muscles can be dry

Women who do not have sex for a long time, the tightening of their vaginal muscles starts decreasing. Along with this, the flow of blood in the vagina also decreases (sex na karne ke nuksaan). This causes the vaginal tissue to become thinner and dry. There is no lubrication in it and there is a feeling of dryness in the vagina while having sex.

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